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Inktober – day 28 – fall

Don’t get the illustration? Read on.

Would have detailed the lotuses too, but this itself took too long and I’m too tired now.
“Hopelessness is like a bottomless pit, and a bottomless pit is the safest pit to jump into. The only problem with the pit is that it has a bottom. If it did not have a bottom, what is the problem? It will be a wonderful leap. If you go skydiving, you do not know whether you are going up or down or nowhere because there is no context for you. Only if you look down, the damn planet is coming at you with a great speed then you know. If the planet was not there, jumping off and just floating would be wonderful.”

– Sadhguru


“If one is joyfully willing to walk into hopelessness, then liberation is a free process.” —Sadhguru

via – http://www.sadhguruonline.com/blog/hopelessness-and-liberatio

Inktober – day 18 – filthy

American psycho.
Notice that both the garbage bags and his face have the same sheen – squeaky clean and shining on the outside, and completely filthy within.
So, that which glitters might just be garbage.

I used to think that American psycho was a bullshit absurd movie, but man has it grown on me. I don’t think there has been a more nihilistic character on screen. Taxi Driver comes close, but misses Patrick Bateman by miles. I don’t know if anyone else has depicted a better destruction of a person’s belief system and their descent into meaningless nihilism and darkness as was done in this movie.

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