Our curious summer guest & a curious incident

Over the summer, we had a visitor, a stray cat that liked to sit in our house all day. She would be under the chair one moment, then lying behind the refrigerator the next, sneaking around navigating the jungle that was our home, and trying her best not to be noticed. We didn’t care for all the sneaking around, for we understood, it was summer – the heat bothered them just as much as it bothered us. 

As opposed to the zzzzzzz sleeping sound, a cat makes characteristic meh meh sound to signify its lack of fucks for anything.


The funniest thing would be when she thought she had hidden herself, but her butt would be visibly poking out from behind the fridge.

Pretty soon she got bolder and acquired the manners and elegance of a drunk, and I would catch her sleeping(more like passed out from a night of partying) with her legs sprawled out, sometimes in curious yoga poses.


This post isn’t entirely about our lovely though eccentric summer guest, but  about what happened during one of her visits.

It was late in the night when my dad started hearing what he called “laughing sounds”. He went in to check and saw a strange scene – the mice were jumping up and down in front of the cat’s eyes and making those laughing sounds, while the cat sat and did nothing.

Imagine their tiny hands making provocative gang signs and you get the picture.
Imagine their tiny hands making provocative gang signs and you get the picture.


From the looks of it, It was a verbal beat down and a very weird one at that. I don’t know what the mice were saying or laughing about, but whatever it was, it was gangsta, for the cat didn’t show its face the next day. 


It would have been all well if it stopped right there, but it got visibly stranger. The cat showed up, a day later, but not alone, it brought with her another feline friend.  This one had scars over her right eye, which kept it permanently closed, and her fur was all ruff and beaten up.

Boss cat
Boss cat

I was impressed as well as a little intimidated, for she looked like the leader of a gang and had seen a lot of shit, wars even.

Things quickly changed after that. We never saw the mice again or found out what happened to them, and now, we had two cats sleeping around in our house.

I have pleased the gang leader with a generous offering of milk and feel that I am on her good side. As things cool down, I wonder, my family is caught up in one strange turf war.