You have amnesia

What is your very first memory?

Mine is of entering the living room of my house; the room is bright – lit by the Sun, and I am looking up at the artificial sunflower that is placed in a pot high up in the room (where it still is, to this day.)

I am not quite sure how old I was back then; there is a certain quality in the memory that suggests that this is my first memory,  and yet, I can’t cite an age, time, or anything particular about it.

But what about the time before that?

I don’t remember anything, and this is the same for everyone; some can recall memories from when they were between 2 – 4 years old, but for most people, their earliest memories are  from after that time.

None of us remembers ourselves as a kicking, screaming, pooping baby.


Yes, you, reading this, you have amnesia, everyone does, and yet you are okay with it. You don’t remember a part of your life and you are okay with it.

Now, what were you doing at this  time – a week , a month, a year, ten years ago? You most likely don’t remember, and yet, you are okay with that too.