Thoughts of a TV villain

Probably villains in a lot of novels, movies, TV shows are bad because the writer never gave him much of a thought. Perhaps he feels neglected and acts out because the writer chose to make such a one-dimensional character, instead of spending time exploring his motivations.

If this cliche of a villain spoke, what might he say?

“I am more than my henchmen who can’t shoot straight.

I am more than my evil laugh, which you stuck me with btw.

I am not bad just because of that scar on my face.

I am no villain just because I look intimidating.

I know I am doomed, for you move my hand and thus control my destiny. What cruel end you impose on me to have me killed off by a fool who enters a lair full of armed men, stupidly thinking he can get out alive. For, in real life, heroes die too. This I know.”





” I shall not grovel, but it could have gone differently……”



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