India vs Australia – Do or Die

Usually, we all just walk around in an unfocused, inattentive daze.When things are on the line that’s when focus and attention come in,  they push away the distracting, useless thoughts. That’s true even for high-performing sportsmen – who have their ordinary and extraordinary days, just like everyone else.

If we consider a 5 match series between two teams, a team that has lost the first two games is more likely to perform much much better in the third game. Why? Because things are on the line, more so than they were in the first two games. They are likely to choke as well.

It’s when you realize the importance of things that you are capable of surpassing yourself. Your senses have heightened beyond what they are usually capable of, time has not only slowed down, it has stopped, it has become meaningless. This is called the flow state or being in the zone.
So play close attention to this semi-final, you are going to see a lot of people outperforming themselves and a lot of people who won’t be able to handle the pressure.




Today is “Gudi Padwa” an Indian Festival. I did this silly comic last year on it, which I hope you guys like. I know I haven’t been posting lately, there’s a lot on my mind. Looks like I was doing my apologizing bit last Gudi Padwa as well….
Time is a circle, it seems. <— A real smartass excuse for not posting, right?
Anyway, I’ll be posting soon – lots of wisdom from the bottomless wisdom-hole, lots more comics and some other things.


I apologize for being away for so long. With all the academic load, regularly updating the blog would have required adding a few more hours to the day. But that’s the past. I’m back for good, and will try to find a regular rhythm for my posts.

In the meantime, I give you THIS!(look down). Practicing drawing these comic strips and all the studying, is what I’ve been doing while I was away. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to launch my own web-comic(Yay!!)

A little back-story of this comic –

31st of March wasGudi Padwa (an Indian festival). 

“Gudi” sounds like “Goodie” and “Padwa” is amarathi word that can and IS often misinterpreted to mean “to intentionally drop”. Join those two together and you get “DROP THE GOODIE!


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