I often see people saying things like, “Look how great and big the universe is and how small and insignificant we are.”, but these same people don’t look at things under a microscope and say, ” Look how small that is and how big and great we are.” Both statements are faulty, I fail to see how the diagnosis made from the comparisons make sense(what does size have to do with being insignificant or being great?).

I doubt most would accept it, but misanthropy is everywhere, to the point that we are literally bombarded with the bad side of people(individuals) 24×7. So I don’t think its that difficult to not only overlook the good, but to not want to see it anymore. So for once I would like to highlight the good, the great in man.

When compared with animals in general, we see that:-

-we don’t have claws and/or fangs to defend ourselves with.

-we aren’t quick enough to get away from most predators.

-we don’t have beast like strength.

– we aren’t big so we can’t scare the predators away, or small enough not to be noticed by them.

– we don’t have poison glands/fangs in our bodies to threaten predators with.

– we can’t swim or fly away when a threat approaches.

– we don’t have exoskeletons or hard bodies to protect ourselves with.

– our bodies can’t even protect us against cold.

When it comes to physical prowess, we lie somewhere in the middle(even that is stretching it too far).

So when I consider those points, on one hand I think how fragile man is,

[Now, watch this video]


but on the other hand after watching videos like this one and looking at  people doing these crazy amazing things with their “fragile” bodies, I can’t help but think, “People are AWESOME.”

By the end of the video, I’m sure it will have you smiling. It sure had me beaming all the way.



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